Dominik Sorg – Guitar

Kai Bigler – Vocs / Guitar

Benjamin Stelzer – Drums

Stefan Krämer – Bass

PARASITE INC. was founded in 2007 in Aalen, Germany. From the beginning, the band found quick success performing their early songs while sharing the stage with acts like HEAVEN SHALL BURN, THE SORROW and HATESPHERE. In late 2009 they recorded their first, self-titled demo-album and released it at the turn of the year to critical acclaim. Their fan base grew rapidly from their native Germany, reaching fans in Austria, Poland, and even Japan. As a result, the first pressing of the album sold out quickly. Critics praised „Parasite Inc.“. with rave reviews. In 2010 PARASITE INC. decided to dive into the German underground, and applied alongside 2500 other acts for the Summer Breeze New Blood Award. The outcome: they easily reached the finals and were one of five bands to share the stage at the Summer Breeze Open Air 2010 with RAGE, EQUILIBRIUM and SUFFOCATION. “Now it’s clear: „PARASITE INC. can easily stand up to international comparison!“ (

This is only the beginning. PARASITE INC.’s debut album shows them to be musical, focused and at the same time absolutely moshable.“ ( „This band stands out from the masses, because the sound as well as songwriting is exceptional.“ ( After playing a lot of shows in 2011, Benedikt left the band and was replaced by Kevin Sierra (HACKNEYED). In 2012 the band signed with Good Damn Records and started recording their first professional full-length debut „TIME TEARS DOWN“ which was released in 2013.

Ever since summer 2013, PARASITE INC. has been expanding their fan base around the world with their debut release. But then it became quiet around them. After changes in the line-up and the shutdown of their label, some might even have expected their break-up. But as the saying goes, “There’s life in the old dog, yet”. Against all odds, they held their grounds and together moved forward with determination. The band reorganized its structures – yet again replaced their rhythm guitarist Kevin with Dominik Sorg (LIVID HALCYON) -, successfully played plenty of shows at home and abroad, supported well-known acts like CHILDREN OF BODOM, while working on new songs behind the scenes.

Now, exactly 5 years later, the quartet made an impressive comeback with their new album „DEAD AND ALIVE“: 45 minutes of modern melodic death metal – consistently catchy and straight into your face!