Kai Bigler – Vocs / Guitar

Dominik Sorg – Guitar

Benjamin Stelzer – Drums

Lucien Mosesku – Bass

In the year 2022 AD, PARASITE INC. presents themselves in a sonic ensemble that is as hard-hitting as it is delicate, faster yet slower at the same time – a blend of modernity and an unmistakable “80s” vibe like never before! Such musical dichotomies are not new for PARASITE INC., though. Since the beginning of their career, these Swabians have consistently surprised the world with their unique interpretation of the Melodic Death Metal genre.

Since their inception in 2007, the four-piece band from Aalen has steadily grown their fanbase. This growth follows an internationally compelling demo, three studio albums, and a live record, evident both in front of the stage and in the responses to their recent releases. Due to captivating live performances in Germany and broader Europe, coupled with a deliberate breaking of genre boundaries, their second full-length output “Dead and Alive” climbed to #33 in the official German album charts in 2018, and “Cyan Night Dreams” even reached the top 20 of the official German album charts in 2022.