Hey everyone! It’s been a while! We hope you are all doing well in this difficult time!

Tomorrow we’ll have our first worldwide live show stream at the European Metal Festival Alliance – starting at 20:00 (8 pm) CET (Friday, August 7th)!

If you want to easily see the event time in your time zone, check out this facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/226714288522380.

Here are a few teasers and behind the scene pictures of the production day- only for the eyes of our Club of the Dead-Members!

The whole stream was exclusively produced for the EFMA 2020 Online Festival and is our first professionally recorded live show, ever.

You can get a ticket for the stream here (6,66€):


By getting a ticket you are supporting the 13 festivals which are part of the European Metal Festival Alliance. In a time where Covid-19 makes everything very difficult for festival and concert organizers, bands and the whole event business, an online festival is one possibility to help them out (at least a bit).

We all know that such an online event can’t replaced a real concert or a festival, but: For a lot of you guys it is the first chance to finally see a full Parasite Inc. live show! So, get your ticket now and we’ll see you tomorrow (there also is a live chat after the stream, so we’ll be around as well)!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while. We are sorry, that we haven’t released so little content in this group, yet. But it has been such a busy year after the release of “Dead and Alive”. Hopefully we’ll be able to post more content next year!

But anyway, here is something special for you. You’ll be the first to see our new guitar playthrough video of “Cold Silent Hell”, which will be released to the public in the next weeks. Enjoy!

Hey everyone! Benni here.

Less than one week left till “Dead and Alive” will be released!

Some of you already got their crowdfunding package – and we really hope you are happy with what you’ve got in return for your awesome support!

For all who are still waiting for their package or for all who chose the “digital only”-perk in the crowdfunding: Here are the download links for “Dead and Alive” and the special media package we promised in our crowdfunding!




Hey guys, Kai here!

Here’s a quick update about what’s going on in camp Parasite Inc.:

At the moment our schedule is tightening up as hell as we are heading straight towards the release date.  We had some trouble with our suppliers, and things got a bit delayed, but despite all that, all packages are finally shipped and should reach you soon!

And more importantly: We will be on the road on this weekend, and when we’re back on Sunday we will start to provide you with the download links for the media package (and the digital download version of the album). So: Stay tuned!

PS: One thing about tablatures: As you might have noticed we promised tablatures for the songs but with the tight schedule, we couldn’t manage to finish them so far. We will continue working on them after the release.

Hey guys! It’s Benni here. As we promised in the crowdfunding campaign, we want to give you some exclusive behind the scene material as a “THANK YOU!” for your support. We came up with the idea to add you guys to a special community we call the “Club of the Dead”, where you’ll get new and exclusive info – for example, song snippets and other bonus material – in the future.
We really would have liked to make this happen way earlier since there isn’t much time left till the release, but we simply didn’t have enough time, yet. But anyway, today we’ll start the Behind the Scenes series with a blog about the development of the artwork for “Dead and Alive”. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

The Idea

First draft showing the defibrilator panels.

When we started with the artwork, we weren’t even sure how the album would be titled, so we played with different ideas, but we weren’t thrilled by them. Strong contenders for the title back then were “Once and for All” and “Dead and Alive”.

Since we got a lot of comments on “The Pulse of the Dead” telling us something like “It’s impossible that dead people have a pulse” or “How can dead people have a pulse? That makes no sense!”, we wanted to add even more controversy, and in the spirit of Schrödinger’s cat we chose “Dead and Alive”.

It made a lot of sense to us, because it pretty much describes, how we felt as a band in the last five years. Dead from the outside, because there wasn’t a new album on the horizon, but alive inside, because we constantly worked hard behind the scenes.

First image of including a heart in the concept.

Anyway, as soon as we had the title nailed, things progressed a lot faster. Soon after the first concept drawing showing the two defibrillator pedals, Kai came up with a new draft, revealing a heart between those pedals, which pretty much is the idea of the final artwork: A dead heart which can be reanimated at any moment. So it’s somehow dead and alive at the same time.

The next step was quite logical: Most of our artwork and graphic design includes metallic objects. From cogwheels, iron plates to iron skulls, you can find a lot of elements like this in the artwork of “Time Tears Down”.

So, to keep those elements in the new artwork and since it also fits the “Dead and Alive” idea much better, the heart in the cover shouldn’t show a human heart but a robotic one (also human hearts are pretty scary, when you see them pump outside a human body. Search for human hearts on YouTube and you know what I mean!).

A draft Kai made to visualize the idea of a robotic heart.

From 2D to 3D

With the concept this far, I started to create all the elements of the artwork in 3D. The main reason we choose 3D over 2D is pretty simple: With a 3D scene, you’ll be able to change the perspective, the image ratio and pretty much everything on the fly without losing quality or details, if needed. And it allows to quickly and easily create nice wallpapers and other cool looking stuff later. The drawback of 3D is, that if it’s not done properly, it can quickly look pretty cheesy, so I was aiming for a style, which combines the look of a classic 2D drawn image with the benefits of having it in 3D.

A human heart in 3D which was the basis for the robotic heart in the final cover.

At this point, it just took weeks to bring everything together, haha. My biggest focus was, to make the robotic heart look really, really cool. I added more and more mechanical parts and details over the weeks and made the whole model animatable. My goal was, to make it look like it could be a fully functional robotic heart.
The scene around the heart should visualize some kind of cool looking laboratory, where the robotic heart was built, tested and – when finished – brought from “dead” to “alive” with an electric shock.

Final scene with a fade from wireframe to rendering.

The Result

After 300 hours it took the animation to render and about 4 to 5 hours per CD artwork/booklet picture, we had the final image pool to start working on putting everything together. And well, that’s the story behind our artwork and how it was developed from the first draft to final image. We’ll be back with more behind the scenes blogs shortly!

Thank you all again for your awesome support during our crowdfunding!